Drawing Tube

© Hiraku Suzuki

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新しいプロジェクト「Drawing Tube」を始めます。

Drawing Tube(ドローイングチューブ)とは、ドローイングの新たな研究・対話・実践のための実験室であり、それらを記録して共有するために構想したプラットフォームです。


Drawing Tubeは、この「ドローイング」というキーワードを介して、様々な分野を巻き込んだイベント、レクチャー、展示などを不定期で行い、各分野間に管(チューブ)を開通させることを志向します。またそのアーカイヴを開示することで、「描くこととはなにか?」という根源的な問いに対する議論を喚起し、変容し続ける現在進行形のドローイングの可能性について考えていきます。

紙を丸めて運ぶための筒のことも、ドローイングチューブと呼びます。Drawing Tubeの活動は、特定の場所と結びつくのでなく、何かと何かをつなぐ管(チューブ)としてその都度かたち作られ、移動していくものです。管状の線が空中に浮かんでいるような、1匹のミミズが澄んだ池の水面を泳いでいるようなイメージです。


2016年8月3日 鈴木ヒラク


Drawing Tube is a new laboratory for alternative drawing research, discourse, and practices that focuses on archiving and sharing the results.

By the word “drawing” we mean something not limited to making lines on planar surfaces, but rather the process of generating new lines or discovering invisible lines, in space and time, with all possible universal linear phenomenon as subject.

Dance might be considered making lines in space. Music might be considered making lines in time and pitch. Photography might be considered making lines with light. Text might be considered making lines in language. Whether roads on maps, constellations in the night sky, the complexity of our anatomy, our world is often first apprehended through acts of making lines.

Drawing Tube will conduct an irregular series of events, lectures, and exhibitions, with the aim of making lines, and opening connecting “tubes”, between disciplines. Additionally, through presentations of the evolving archival record, we will work to elevate the fundamental discourse about the definition of drawing, within a perpetually changing exploration of the present and future tense of relational aesthetics.

The cylindrical plastic vessels we use to carry our works on paper are also called “drawing tubes”. And in this spirit, Drawing Tube will be a moveable laboratory, unbound to any one venue, but rather a portal tube of connection potential, each time assuming different shapes, forms, and locations. Drawing Tube will be like wormholes in time and space, a transparent worm traveling the surface of a clear pond.

First we will begin by exploring the many portals in the opinions, and sensibilities of those around us. We hope to deserve your attention.

August 3, 2016, Hiraku Suzuki


© Hiraku Suzuki